3 services. 3 sides of town.

If you’re joining one of our small groups for worship we want to give you some insight on how to help us impact your community for Christ.

First things to know:

  1. Try to truly find a way to support evangelistic efforts for at least one area. We are not your typical traditional church where we just go to church, to change your individual lifestyle and to impact others with the gospel you should really think about doing more than just showing up every once in a while.
  2. Learn about being a church plant distributor. Distributors main goal is to get the literature into the hands of people who may sincerely want to help develop their lives and the assembly.
  3. Try to visit all 3 class room teaching sessions. This can give you better insight on how to effectively witness in your respected area.
  4. And one of the most important areas and maybe much needed, sow financial seeds into the church plant. Showing up to an assembly is wonderful, but showing up to learn, grow, and give is better.

Planters Assemblies [PA] has launched 3 ministry class room locations. Join us every month at a location near you. For more information on our county connect goals call (844) 999-6233 ext.801

January 2020
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The Learning Center Church, Inc. has launched our new newsletter supporting nonprofit groups and local businesses who impact communities for positive change. TLCC, INC. offers advertisement through magazine ads [supported by NAFE, LLC.] and basic discounted print services for businesses who place an ad in our community newsletter and/or online magazine.

A portion of all proceeds goes to support TLCC, INC. outreach programs and community support options.


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